This email below has been confirmed as malicious or fraudulent by the Information Security department. If you have received this phishing email, do not open any attachments or follow the link(s) in the message; simply delete the email.

The subject line of this email will have a series of numbers after the pound/hashtag sign. The big red flag for this email is the email address that sent it. PayPal emails will always come from a address. The purpose of this scam is to make someone believe there was a large payment made to entice them into calling the Customer Support Care number. 833 numbers are toll free but they are also used by scammers to gather more information about a person. In this case, the support will ask the caller personal information like name, address, phone number, and bank account information. This is so they can “Credit” your account. Once they have this information they can drain your bank account.

Screenshot showing red flag gmail address instead of PayPal address

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