The scientist experimented in the laboratory

Biological Safety

  • This division provides expertise and consultation on issues related to biological safety with the goal of maintaining a safe workplace, preventing environmental contamination and complying with applicable federal, state and local requirements. Contact Information: Dorothy Macias, Biological Safety Manager, 210-567-2955

Busy chemist dropping reagent into test tube

Chemical Safety

  • This division provides guidance and consultation on procedures and practices related to laboratory safety and the safe receipt, use, and storage of hazardous chemicals, in an effort to reduce spills, exposures and injuries, and maintaining compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Contact: Rebecca Bloodworth, Director, Laboratory Safety, 210-567-2963

Close up of female doctor's hands putting on blue sterilized surgical gloves in the medical clinic.

Clinical Safety

  • This division promotes and ensures the safe operation of clinical facilities and the protection of our patients, employees, faculty, students, and visitors. We continually assess and improve safety practices through education, evaluation of clinical facilities, regulatory compliance, and performance of emergency exercises. Contact: Mary Guerrero-Munoz, Director, Clinical Safety, 210-450-8072

Disposal Container Syringe

Environmental Protection

  • This division provides professional knowledge and expertise in the operation and support of the comprehensive environmental protection program. Contact: Ernest Hinojosa, Environmental Protection Safety Manager, 210-567-2987

fire extinguisher red

Physical Safety

  • Preserving life is this division’s principal mission.  To this end, we manage compliance with applicable Local, State, and Federal Fire and Life Safety standards. Contact: Carl Wellington, Director, Environment of Care, 210-567-2970

Radiation Research And Development: Scientist Examines Blue Radioactive Liquid Substance in Beaker

Radiation Safety

  • This division promotes the well-being of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation users through education, evaluation of practices, ensuring regulatory compliance, and dose monitoring. Contact: Kate Saucke King, Manager, Radiation Safety, 210-450-7251