Texas Law

Senate Bill 212 and House Bill 1735

Senate Bill 212 (SB212) and House Bill 1735 (HB1735) were passed into Texas state law and became effective January 2020. Learn more about what this new law requires of all employees at Texas universities and the potential consequences of non-compliance.

Texas Education Code, Section 51.253(c)

Texas Education Code (TEC), Section 51.253(c) requires an institution’s Chief Executive Officer to submit a report at least once during each fall or spring semester to the institution’s governing body and post the report on the institution’s internet website. The report must contain (1) all reports received by employees under the TEC, Section 51.252 that constitutes “sexual harassment,” “sexual assault,” “dating violence,” or “stalking” (as defined in the TEC, Section 51.251), and (2) any disciplinary actions taken under TEC, Section 51.255. The most recent Chief Executive Officer Report can be accessed here or by visiting the Title IX home page and clicking on the corresponding box located near the bottom right of page.