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Pregnant & Parenting Students

Pregnant and parenting students face unique challenges while pursuing their higher education goals. It is essential that pregnant and parenting students not only have equal access to education, but also receive support to help them succeed in school.

Title IX

Title IX provides for equal educational opportunities for pregnant and parenting students and prohibits educational institutions from discriminating against pregnant students based upon their marital status and prohibits discrimination against a student because of pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, or recovery from related conditions.

Texas Education Code

Texas Education Code § 51.982 prohibits discrimination against students due to their pregnancy or parental status and allows pregnant and parenting students to take a leave of absence and return in good standing without being required to reapply for admission. Under Texas Ed. Code. § 51.982, like Title IX, pregnant students are entitled to accommodations that are related to the health and safety of their pregnancy and cannot be treated worse than students with other temporary medical conditions.

Student Pregnancy and Parenting Nondiscrimination Policy

In accordance with UT Health San Antonio’s Student Pregnancy and Parenting Nondiscrimination Policy (HOP 14.2.5), students may request accommodations or a leave of absence due to pregnancy or a pregnancy-related condition and student parents may request a leave of absence based on their parenting status. If students would like to request a reasonable accommodation or leave of absence or feel that reasonable accommodations are not being provided, please contact the Office of Educational Support Services (OESS) at (210) 450-3119, or

Lactation Space On Campus

In accordance with UT Health San Antonio’s Breastfeeding and Expression of Breast Milk on Campus Policy (HOP 4.8.11), designated, private locations for mothers to breastfeed or express milk on campus as well as an access request form, can be found here or by visiting UT Health San Antonio’s Human Resources, Rooms for Nursing Mothers webpage. Access request forms must be submitted to Leigh Ann Kensky at

Parenting Student Liaison and Resources

In accordance with Texas Ed. Code § 51.982, a parenting student liaison can assist parenting students with information about resources and supports. Parenting students can visit OESS, call (210) 450-8131, or email to speak with a parenting student liaison and are encouraged to review the Parenting Students Resources webpage.

Parenting Student Liaison: Juliette Montemayor
7703 Floyd Curl Drive, ALTC B106
San Antonio, Texas 78229
Phone: 210-450-8131

Pregnancy & Parenting Accommodation Process