Standardized Patient Program Overview

  • A Standardized/Simulated Patient (SP) is an individual trained to portray an actual patient with a specific condition in a realistic, standardized, and repeatable way; where portrayal/presentation varies only with the learners’ performance.
  • SPs teach and assess
    ○     History taking
    ○     Physical examination techniques
    ○     Communication skills
    ○     Interpersonal skills
  • SPs are hourly employees. Work schedules vary with the training needs of our learners. There are periods during the semester when SPs work three to four times a week (normally in 3 to 4-hour sessions) and other times when work is unavailable.
  • Realism is important for simulation; we must assign cases based on physical and personality characteristics. This means we often work cases where a specific age range, body habitus, and/or gender are required.
  • An SP may not work a case with a scar that could interfere with the realism of the scenario being portrayed. For instance, an SP portraying a patient with appendicitis symptoms should not have a scar from a previous appendectomy.

How to apply

Complete the Standardized Patient Application and email the form to the Depending on your browser, you may be able to send the pdf directly by clicking on the clinicalskillscenter link at the bottom of the page.

If you are selected, a representative will contact you from the H-E-B Clinical Skills Center to schedule an interview.