LINC seeks to leverage the creativity, talent and ambition of our faculty, staff and students to advance interprofessional education (IPE) at UT Health San Antonio and contribute to the national conversation within the field of IPE through impactful scholarly products. Ideas that emerge through discussion within and across LINC Councils are vetted to this end, which influences decisions regarding programs to develop, projects to pursue and collaborations to foster. For a list of opportunities to showcase your work and research, please visit our Community of LINC Scholars page.

Interprofessional projects with large numbers of contributors, such as those pursued within LINC, present a challenge as it relates to order of authorship on dissemination products (e.g., posters, oral presentations, manuscripts). Our approach identifies dissemination product leaders in the first, last (senior) and corresponding (labeled with an asterisk [*]) authorship positions, with equal contributions from additional co-authors listed in between in alphabetical order by last name. Co-authors who distinguish themselves from the equal-contribution group are recognized by authorship positions immediately following the first author.

The graphs and chart below represent a comprehensive summary of scholarly output across LINC as of March 31, 2024. Visit the LINC Scholarship Summary page for a more granular breakdown by individual teams.

LINC Scholarships Summary 03.31.2024
LINC Manuscripts Scholarship 03.31.2024
LINC Presentations Scholarship 03.31.2024