Resources, Advice, Insight, Support and Empowerment (RAISE) for Early-Career Women Faculty ECHO

Women in academic medicine face myriad challenges

RAISE ECHO pictureWhile the representation of women in academic medicine is growing, women faculty early in their careers face unique barriers to success. Inadequate mentorship, discrimination, and imbalanced work-life responsibilities contribute to career dissatisfaction, burnout, and ultimately under-representation of women in senior faculty and leadership roles.

To address these challenges, we launched the RAISE ECHO to connect early-career women faculty with academic leaders and career development experts who will share practical guidance and support, covering topics relevant to professional growth. ECHO offers an interactive model for sharing knowledge, skills, and resources women need to thrive and lead in academia. Each month, we will offer a brief didactic from content experts, a short case presentation illustrating a challenge faced by early-career women faculty, and an interactive discussion with panelists and participants.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Maintenance of Certification II (MOC II) credit available at no cost to participants.

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Sessions slides and recordings

Please check back often for new content. See our full list of didactic recordings here.

Session 1: November 18, 2020

Session summary: In this inaugural session of the RAISE ECHO, facilitators Waridibo Allison MD, PhD and Emily Vail, MD led a lively discussion with senior-faculty panelists on strategies for proactively seeking out mentors, managing expectations, and finding a community of peers for support. Panelists included:

View didactics, “Tips for a Successful Academic Career: My Career Path”

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Session 2: December 16, 2020

Session summary: The second session of the RAISE ECHO was facilitated by Drs. Allison and Garcini who led a discussion on burnout mitigation.

View didactics, “Mitigators of Burnout: Identifying Institutional and Personal Strategies for a Sustainable Career”

View recording of didactics

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